Being Sattvaa  

BeingSattvaa is a retreat centre that is located in the forested central highlands of Ubud, Bali - one of the top travel destinations in the world.

It is not a typical vacation spa or resort - it is much more. Fringed by rice fields and rain forest, with luxurious residences, a complete range of public and private spaces and services are available to guests. We offer international vegetarian/vegan cuisine and custom experiences in and around the retreat centre, all delivered on the principles of sustainability.

BeingSattvaa offers a five star experience, which is personal, homely and eco-friendly. It has successfully sustained itself for over three years now, and has a well recognized brand name.

The retreat centre, which has been created from scratch by our dedicated founders has top ratings and amazing feedback on TripAdvisor and close to 70% of its occupancy is from retreat groups, almost half of of whom come back on a regular basis. With 15 retreat bookings already in the bag our pipeline for 2019 is strong.

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About Sattvaa  

Sattvaa, meaning balance, peace and serenity is a Singapore based Private Limited company with a powerful vision to bring together seekers and teachers in a manner that connects contemporary lifestyle with ancient wisdom, and science with spirituality beyond the boundaries of religion and borders. Through this, Sattvaa aims to play its part in shaping and building a more conscious society.

Sattvaa was founded in 2011 by Renuka and Subba Vaidyanathan, who left their lives in the corporate finance world and intentionally invested their savings into building this organization, one with the vision of prioritizing wellbeing and building a community of diverse individuals who can work together to make a positive impact on our planet.

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Under the umbrella of Sattvaa exist both BeingSattvaa, the retreat and Being, a suite of programs that aim to empower individuals, businesses and organisations to be at their authentic best. Being’s programs focus on the process of self discovery using tools such as mindfulness and positive psychology - theories founded in ancient Eastern wisdom as well as modern day evidence-based research

These programs are currently run in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Being currently runs programs in Malaysia in partnership with a leading leadership training institute and is in the process of forging similar partnerships in Singapore and Indonesia, through which the business expects to grow and reach senior leaders across a range of organizations.

Being is still growing and flourishing and can be both integrated with BeingSattvaa - through off-site programs and retreats - as well as exist independently in other locations across South East Asia.

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Next Steps 

Our immediate next step is to scale the retreat centre in Bali, where the model is tried, tested and proven.. This will help us establish BeingSattvaa as a premium eco-friendly retreat destination in Asia, much like Findhorn in Scotland or Eselan in California. This scale up will help BeingSattvaa cater to the growing demand from corporate and leadership groups and also set us up for potential franchise opportunities in Asia.

While doing so, we will continue to build partnerships in the programs vertical across ASEAN with the objective of establishing Being as a leader in the applied mindfulness and wellbeing space.

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BeingSattvaa Scale Up 

After close to four years with a loyal customer base, stable operations and cash-flow, we sense the timing is right for us to expand BeingSattvaa in Ubud. While the common areas, meeting spaces and studios are configured to host over 50 people, our residential space is currently at 11 bedrooms, and can host a maximum of 25 guests.

We are increasingly receiving requests for retreats that can only be served by a minimum of 25 bedrooms and such a scale up will also give us the ability to serve larger corporate organizations and teams.

We are currently well positioned to acquire the adjoining land, which will be essential for the expansion. While our current land is around 115,000 sq ft, we will need another 30,000- 50,000 sq ft of land to build the additional 14 bedrooms.

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Where do you come in ? 

In order to take forward our plans for scale up, we are looking to partner with like-minded investors who share our values and vision of leaving behind a better, more conscious and sustainable world for the next generation.

Sattvaa has 10 investors from across Asia and the Middle East that come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. We are aiming to grow our business by growing our community of conscious and intentional investors, and are thus seeking out individuals who are willing to contribute both smaller and larger amounts to help our business flourish.

Currently, Sattvaa aims to raise USD 2.8 - 3 million (see table below for details) in return for shares in the Singapore company that runs both BeingSattvaa & Being. We plan to do this entirely through expanding our investor family, in line with our value of building community.

Overflow swimming pool at BeingSattvaa

Estimated Scale up Costs 

Land, Building, Interiors, Landscape and Legal/Transaction Costs USD 2.3 Million
Brand and Business Development USD 0.4 Million
Operating Expenses related to expansion USD 0.1 Million

Note: Sattvaa Pte Ltd is currently a debt free company and its current land and retreat centre are valued at around USD 4.8 – 5 million

Interested to know more? 

If you are interested to join the Sattvaa community as an investor, please write to one of our co-founders Renuka , or Subba and we will be happy to share more information with you about our vision and scale up.